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What Is the Best Flooring for an Office Space?

What Is the Best Flooring for an Office Space

When it comes to office refurbishment, one of the many aspects that people initially miss is the flooring – and it’s perfectly understandable! While there is so much emphasis on rebuilding partitions, arranging for new colour schemes and installing new, practical workspaces, the floor can sometimes be forgotten about. As part of our office refurbishment London and beyond, we aim to give your office floor the exact same care and attention as every other aspect of your project. Gone are the days of stuffy carpeting and boring lino – you’re going to need to think about planning for space when you’re picking out the right for your office.

Space planning is important when it comes to picking the right floor as you may need a versatile surface over which modular furniture and storage can be wheeled or moved. Tripping carpet or sticky lino can be all too troublesome in these scenarios – which is why we will always look closely at your workspace’s needs before choosing the right flooring for you. There are big trends sweeping towards hardwood flooring for particularly contemporary and timeless chic, vinyl for affordability and versatile style, and even carpet tiling – and we feel all three of these choices work particularly well on their own merits.

Carpet tiles are ideal for space planning – they are easy to lay, simple to maintain, and are both insulated and secure – no slippage nor tripping involved. You will be able to easily transport items with castors or wheels across these tiles and they are easily cleaned if necessary. Rubber tiles, too, are a great choice –it’s resistant to heat and water, and is therefore seen as an ideal choice for public buildings where much foot traffic is to be expected. Therefore, if you run a busy office, you may do well taking on board rubber flooring for the sake of preservation.

All in all, the right flooring for all office interiors London and beyond will depend on individual needs and costs. While it’s not advisable to go for cheap flooring for the sake of it, you need to find a solution that provides insulation, ease of maintenance and one which is well within your budget. Here at GXI Group, we will always ensure to propose flooring choices to you that fit your budget and appeal to your specific needs – whether rubber, tile, carpet or hardwood.

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