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Workspace – Do You Want More or Less of It?

Workspace–Do You Want More or Less of It

Office space is essential – it is not only crucial to your staff and colleagues, but it is also an integral part of your processes.  Too little space provides for little efficiency; and can also mean less room to implement new features, departments or even staff, whereas too much space can appear wasteful – and can even be less cost-effective in terms of energy consumption.  Getting the right amount of space for both your business needs and your employees’ needs is a fine balance that can only be tackled by experts in interior workspace design.  Methods such as going open-plan or installing glass partition walls are amongst the most popular, however, we understand that each operation is a little different.

GXI have a team of seasoned experts in design, planning and architecture – and this is purely our in-house team.  We work with seasoned professionals external to our service where necessary, and have built up many valuable relationships in our networking and previous clients throughout the years.  We have supplied scores of superb design solutions to a number of long-term partners, either as part of a fit-out or as part of a complete refurbishment from the ground up, and can consult on the best methods on how to free up space for any business or operation – whether this means reducing equipment, furniture or installing glass partitions.

In the early stages of office planning, it is essential to maximise office space – to allow for a minimum of clutter and an abundance of manoeuvrability – and to arrange for as much comfort in the working environment as possible.  However, this is not necessarily something that comes simply – meaning that you may benefit from dedicated design and planning support from a firm with a proven track record in freeing up space to create happy, effective workspaces.  Space is not just effective for business, but it is also effective for morale – people love room to breathe, no matter where in the business they may operate.

GXI Group can help analyse your business needs and existing space, and can make suggestions for alternative provision of essential business supplies and machinery, along with analysing what is essential and what isn’t.  For example, glass partitions may be necessary if you wish to open up your office, but don’t wish to lose physical walls.  Our architects and designers believe that keeping things essential will free up maximum space – meaning that, if you are keen on emphasising breathing space or room to move, we may suggest ways in which you can keep things relatively simple.

No two businesses or offices are the same – while some may benefit from a complete refurbishment or a fit out into a smaller or bigger unit, we understand that space is essential to all operations – and that there a variety of ways in which this can be provided.  From glass partitions to a reduction in furniture, or even a complete re-think of layout, we can look at matters in as much or as little detail as you require.

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