Office Fit Out in Chelmsford

Fitting out an office in Chelmsford has never been easier with GXI Group. Not only do we provide installation services, but design and space planning too. GXI Group, therefore, offers a comprehensive service that accommodates every stage of the fit-out process. We keep everything in-house.

Space planning begins with the brand, aesthetics and location of your new office in Chelmsford. We want to ensure that your new office space reflects your priorities as a business.

Space planning is essential when fitting out a new office. You need to guarantee that employees have all the space that they need to complete tasks, as well as being comfortable and feeling energised about their work.

The design of your office also sets the tone for the rest of your business. It’s the stage on which all the work gets done. It’s a visual representation of your company, so you want it to create a great impression.

GXI Group is a professional fit-out expert working in Chelmsford. With us, you can get an interior that reflects the priorities of your business and looks great too. Not only do we provide a functional space, but also one that speaks to your brand.

Too many office fit-outs in Chelmsford are generic. What’s more, companies often choose contractors who specialise in either design or installation, but not both. With GXI Group, you get all of the services that you need to complete a project in the city, without bouncing between one supplier and another.

Office Refurbishment in Chelmsford

Businesses in Chelmsford operate in a buzzing, thriving city. What’s more, they regularly have to entertain clients or attract new employees.

Having a great office environment, therefore, is essential. Companies need to ensure that their offices appeal to their stakeholders, whoever they happen to be.

Unfortunately, many companies in Chelmsford work in uninspiring, generic and sometimes dilapidated offices that don’t capture the essence of their brand.

Here at GXI Group, we’re here to help. As your office refurbishment partner, we transform your offices into places where people want to work. We know from experience that having the right interior helps to improve performance and staff creativity, boosting the overall effectiveness of your business.

Working with GXI group is easy, thanks to our comprehensive office refurbishment service in Chelmsford. First, we send out a member of our team to assess the project that you’d like us to undertake on your premises, including timescales and costs. We then prepare a CAD file for what your new interior might look like once the work has been carried out. After that, we complete all of the detailed architectural and interior design plans and then fit out the new interior on site.

GXI Group, therefore, makes office refurbishment in Chelmsford easier than ever before. Not only do you get a bespoke design that reflects your business, but it’s turn-key too. You can input as much or as little as you like. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.