Office Fit Out in Leicester

Are you looking for an office fit-out in Leicester? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at GXI Group, we specialise in full office fit-outs, helping with everything from space planning to final installation.

Nailing an office fit-out is vital for your business. You want an office that not only speaks to your brand but also inspires productivity and creativity among your workers. Get it right, and you could see fabulous returns in the form of higher output from your people in the future.

It’s not always easy, however, to find excellent office fit-out services in Leicester. Some companies offer design services but not installation, while others will fit-out offices, but can’t help with the design. This situation then goes on to create a whole bunch of headaches, primarily when one company doesn’t effectively communicate with another.

GXI Group is different. Instead of compartmentalising all of the stages of an office fit-out in Leicester, we join all of them up. With us, you get a comprehensive service that offers everything in-house from design and brand planning to installation and contacting suppliers.

Many companies want a straightforward office fit-out a partner who will just get on with the job of putting their vision for their premises into action. If that sounds like you, get in touch with us today. We’ve helped many businesses in Leicester fit out their offices, and we can help you too.

Office Refurbishment in Leicester

You don’t have to rip out the entire office and start again to make dramatic improvements. Often a simple refurbishment can spruce up your environment, impressing clients and helping to retain staff.

Our office refurbishment services in Leicester can have an enormous impact on your operations, boosting staff morale, helping you land deals with bigger clients, and upping productivity across the board. They also allow you to make better use of your space.

GXI Group works carefully to ensure that we respect both your brand and your budget. We revolutionise spaces in your office, from your lobbies to your bathrooms and everything in between, using your design brief as guidance throughout the whole process.

GXI Group offers a comprehensive refurbishment process split into four stages.

Stage one, we call the project assessment survey. This part is where a representative comes to your office, assesses the nature of your project and talks to you about timescales, budgets and anything else relevant.

Stage two is where we take your initial brief and translate it into a 3D CAD design, allowing you to get a flavour of how your refurbished office might look. You’re free to make any changes that you like which we will then incorporate into the design.

The next stage is to create the detailed plans – the actual building schemes that we’ll use to fit out your new office, ensuring that everything works.

Stage four is the fit-out itself.

Do you need office refurbishment in Leicester? If so, get in touch with us today for a simple, straightforward solution.