Office Fit Out in Luton

Finding quality partners for your office fit-out in Luton can be a challenge, but at GXI Group, we’re here to help.

We’re a fit-out partner with a difference. Not only do we take care of all the installation process itself, but we also offer a comprehensive design service, helping you get the most out of your new office space.

Every company that we work with in Luton gets a project liaison manager. This contact ensures that we carry out the project in accordance with the aims of your firm, giving you complete control over the project from start to finish.

The first stage in any office fit-out is interior design. Here we plan the appearance of your new office space. We don’t just focus on the function of the office, but the form too. We work closely with you to build an office that is both practical and speaks to the goals of your brand.

The next stage is to create beautiful designs. We incorporate stunning visualisations of what your office will look like, allowing you to assess whether it adequately reflects your goals as a firm.

The final step is the fit-out. We work swiftly to complete your new office space to your specifications in Luton, all while being sensitive to your budget.

Are you interested in getting an office fit out in Luton? If so, get in touch with our team today for an initial, no-obligation consultation.

Office Refurbishment in Luton

If your existing office could benefit from a lift, we’re here to help. With us, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your offices in Luton, bringing them into line with your operational and brand goals.

Having a stunning office isn’t something that companies do for fun: it’s vital to help them achieve their missions. Office refurbishments in Luton have all kinds of ancillary benefits, such as improving worker morale, helping to retain talent at the firm, boosting creativity, assisting onboard, and enhancing productivity.

On the client side, there are benefits too. A stunning office provides a compelling backdrop that proves that you’re a modern, successful business and well worth their time.

Unlike many office refurbishment companies, we offer a comprehensive service running from planning to final installation.

First, we consult with you about the scope of your project, covering things like your brand goals, timeframe for completion and budget. Using this information, we then create a detailed CAD design showing you precisely how your office will appear once work is complete. We then get on with the task of drawing up the intricate plans and giving you more information about how much the project will cost in total. Finally, we get on with the fit-out, refurbishing your office in Luton.

Our office refurbishments are excellent value for money, able to transform your office environment and give your company an entirely new feel. If you’re interested in office refurbishment in Luton, get in touch with our friendly team to find out more today.