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10 Benefits You Get with a Collaborative Workplace

10 Benefits You Get with a Collaborative Workplace

In the last decade, there’s been a shift towards collaborative working, and modern office fit outs tend to focus on catering for teams that work together. If you’re considering revamping or updating your office space to embrace the concept of cohesion, here are some of the main benefits of a collaborative workplace.

1.  Engagement: many modern employers want to actively encourage engagement between colleagues and open up discussions, meetings, and debates. Having a layout that facilitates collaborative working enables employees to get together and interact with each other without having to leave their desk or book a meeting room. 

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2.  Inclusion: if you’re pushed for space in the office, this might mean that it’s impossible to get everyone together and chat about projects or progress. Collaborative workspaces promote inclusion by providing space and facilitating communication throughout the day. If all the desks are visible, and nobody is stuck behind a partition, for example, it’s much easier for everyone to participate in the conversation and to feel part of the team.

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3.  Giving everyone a voice: some people are naturally more sociable and outgoing than others, and this can mean that it’s difficult for those who are more introverted to be heard. With an open layout or an office that has communal areas, it’s much easier to get everyone involved, and for each member of the team to have their say. 

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4.  Improved outcomes: they say that teamwork makes the dream work. With a collaborative workplace, you can reap the rewards of being able to work together towards a shared goal. A new and improved office can improve cohesion and increase the chances of positive outcomes.

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5.  Communication: have you ever tried to have a chat with somebody on the other side of the room or grown frustrated because you can’t express yourself properly in an email thread? Collaborative workplaces provide a platform for better communication. You can talk to everyone without shouting and enjoy face to face contact. 

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6.  Productivity: a collaborative team is a more productive team. If it’s easy and hassle-free to work together, productivity and efficiency will increase. 

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7.  Social interaction: human beings are sociable creatures, and most of us like to have the option to chat to and interact with colleagues.

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8.  Morale and wellbeing: low morale can impact performance and put you at risk of losing star players. Collaborative working can boost morale and improve wellbeing, creating an environment that fosters communication, engagement, and togetherness. 

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9.  Versatility: modern office fit outs offer the best of both worlds, as they cater for group work, as well as provide space for those working on individual projects. With collaborative workspaces, there’s scope to join in debates and organise team meetings, but you’ll also be able to focus and concentrate.

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10.  Creativity: many of us find that we perform better when we have others around us. We bounce ideas off each other and we develop each other’s points. Working in an environment that promotes cohesion can increase creativity and encourage people to share their ideas and conjure up new ones. 

Collaborative working is a key feature of modern offices, and many employers are switching to a more open design, which facilitates communication, collaboration and social engagement. 

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