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4 Under-The-Radar Office Fit Out Trends for 2019

4 Under-The-Radar Office Fit Out Trends for 2019

Are you completing or in the process of considering an office fit out for your business? If so it is worth exploring the current trends and most popular concepts on the market. By doing this, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you do get the greatest benefits from your new office design. This includes increases in productivity, efficiency and improvements to your business reputation. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are going to be crucial in 2019.


This year, the focus of an office fit out is always going to include improving the mental and physical wellbeing of employees in a business. By doing this, the job satisfaction levels of your employees will improve tremendously. Furthermore, you will see improvements in productivity as issues with severe problems like RSI are greatly reduced.

There are a variety of concepts that can be introduced into your business space that match this trend. That includes recharge rooms. These are areas where employees can go to take five minutes, relax, unwind and clear their head. It could even include an electronic free zone.

Another popular choice would be height adjustable desk. As the name suggests, these can be adjusted to match the individual height requirements of each employee. It ensures that throughout the day an employee can stand rather than sitting while working for hours on end.

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Feature Walls

This trend is guaranteed to improve brand recognition for your business by utilizing a key area of your business space. You can create a feature wall that will impress visitors, new clients and potential investors.

One example of this would be a story wall. A wall like this can be included in the reception area of your office and provide the history of your business from the first steps to where you are in the industry now.

Or, how about immediately introducing clients to testimonials for your business in a way that has both class and style. Frame the best testimonials and you may see a large return on what can be a considerably small investment.

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Laminate Flooring

If you are keen to ensure that your business design is low maintenance consider including laminate or vinyl flooring to your new office fit out. This provides a beautiful aesthetic and is also incredibly easy to maintain. As such, you can easily keep your business looking bright and beautiful with this option. It also compliments a minimal design.

Alternatively, you may want to consider cork flooring. This has become popular due to the eco-friendly design. It sends a clear message that your business is thinking about the future of the planet.

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Lastly, another key trend would be the concept of collaboration. The days are gone when office spaces were built as a group of individual work areas. Instead, there are now shared desks where employees face one another. This encourages teamwork and ensures a high level of transparency in an open space.

Take this advice and you will be ahead of the curve as well as on trend with your office fit out in 2019.

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