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How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost ?

How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost

At GXI Group, one of the questions we receive most often is how much an office refurbishment or fitout actually cots. A fair question, business owners want to know how to budget it and how much room they can have in their budget for changes and different options. However, it’s not necessarily an easy question to give a numeric answer to. It depends on a lot of factors. Here, we’re going to look at some of the factors that you need to consider, while demonstrating the steps we take to keep pricing both competitive and transparent.

What determines the cost of an office refurbishment?

We do what we can to keep office fit outs affordable and up to the high standards of our clients. Yet, the pricing will depend largely on your furniture needs, your spatial requirements and any requests you want us to fulfil. As such, we ensure we know everything we can about your project, including dimensions, style preferences, specific furniture inventory requests, and calculate a quote based on them.

Cost of an office refurbishment

How we help you manage your costs

The team at GXI Group wants you to be as happy with the pricing of our office refurbishment services as you are with the quality of our fitouts. To that end, we recommend letting us know your expectations and your budget as soon as possible. Based on your needs, we can help you get a much better idea of what’s available to match the cost range you’re hoping to stick to, and help you weigh the budget to better match your priorities. Furthermore, we ensure that there are no hidden surprise or top-up fees throughout the process. When we agree of a price, it’s set in stone.

How we help you manage your costs

What can you do to keep fit out costs down?

You don’t want to spend too little on an office refurbishment if you plan on ensuring the best quality workspace you can get. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to find some wiggle room in the budget. First, start by determining what you can reuse. This stops us from having to look for replacements for equipment or furniture you’re happy with. Figure out your priorities ahead of time, too. If high-quality lighting is more important to you than a new, impressive office desk, we can ensure your budget is weighed appropriately in that direction.

What can you do to keep fit out costs down?

You will never spend more than you mean to

Providing exact quotes isn’t easy, given the nature of office fit outs, but we can make sure that we stick firmly within the boundaries of your provided budget. You’re never going to deal with cost bloat, and you can ensure you’ll always get competitive pricing for us.

An office refurbishment isn’t cheap, but we know how to flexible with our pricing while ensuring high-quality, comprehensive fit out solutions. By working with you to understand your needs and spatial requirements, we can always keep your budget in mind when sourcing furniture, raw materials, and design incorporations. As such, we can make sure you get a fit out that matches both your budget and your expectations.

You will never spend more than you mean to

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