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5 of the Best Reception Desk Styles for Ultra-Modern Offices

5 of the Best Reception Desk Styles for Ultra-Modern Offices

The reception desk or counter is the first impression of the office. It’s where you have the opportunity to immediately tell clients, partners, and guests what your company strives to embody. As such, the modern office needs to put some thought into what their reception desk is going to say about them. For that reason, we’re going to look at the five best office desk styles for modern receptions and why you should consider them.

The comfy curved option

If you’re looking for a desk that’s as welcoming and comfortable as possible, then the soft edges of curved desk might be just what you need. The soft, welcoming vibe of a curved desk is well paired with warm colours and homey accents like potted plants and domestic-style lamps, as well as a few softer touches.

Modern Reception Area Design, London

The chillax wave style

Wave-style reception desks feature more than one curve, often for more than one person working in the reception area at a time. It creates a more informal feeling that makes a good match for businesses in the creative industry. You can maximise the zen potential of such a desk with additional features for the reception like a low-maintenance vertical garden or even a water feature. Perfect if you want your office to be a place that invites guests to relax and take it easy.

Modern Reception Area Design, London

The contemporary corner desk

Corner desks are a common feature in a reception area, but you can help them look ultra-modern with some of the more trendy, sharper designs out there. Polished, high-quality materials like marble and mahogany make a statement that your company is the modern pinnacle of professionalism and creates a sense of prestige for the office that can be backed up by the quality of your work.

Modern Reception Area Design, London

The creative circular style

If you want to show off that your business is full of creative ideas and happy to think outside the box, choosing a desk that stands out as a little out-of-the-ordinary can do that. Circular reception desks stand out as a focal point of any welcome area and have a more artistic vibe to them. Combine that with more eclectic furniture and art choices to populate the area and you can master the creative vibe for your workspace.

Modern Reception Area Design, London

The high-energy straight edge

Straight desks are seem a little less often, but certainly bring a modern sense of energy and efficiency with them. These minimalist desks waste little space and create the vibe of a workplace that’s always on the go. Keep the energy pumped up with a flash of colour, some vibrant LED lighting to go with the office desk, and throw some inspiring slogans, words, or art up to project some enthusiasm in your reception area.

Your reception desk can say a lot about your business, but it’s not speaking in a vacuum. As with every other choice, it’s much better as part of a unified approach to modern office design. Whatever you choose, ensure it doesn’t jar with the rest of the workspace.

Modern Reception Area Design, London

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