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5 Things Every Office Reception Area Should Have for Optimal Visitor Comfort

5 Things Every Office Reception Area Should Have for Optimal Visitor Comfort

Are you completing an office refurbishment or building a new reception area? Here are five crucial things that must be part of the design to keep your customers and visitors comfortable. 

A Great Reception Desk

The most important aspect of any reception is the reception desk. Reception desks are crucial. They immediately highlight and send a message about the level of service that visitors can expect from your business. It’s worth spending extra to get the perfect design, guaranteed to impress and put their minds at ease.

Reception area design

Warm And Welcoming Employees

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether you have the best furniture in the world. You also need the right employees. Your employees should be warm, welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and always ready to go the extra mile for your visitors. New clients should be greeted with a smile as soon as they walk through the door.

You can choose employees with the right look for your reception area. However personality is always going to be more important. The employee with the right personality will be able to make visitors immediately feel relaxed and completely taken care of. The right reception desks can elevate this impact. It can ensure that employees feel comfortable and secure in their role which improves their ability to complete the task.

Reception area design

Comfortable Seating

Think about your seating carefully. It needs to be stylish but also provide a comfortable place for visitors to sit and wait. It’s important to get the balance right here and a classic example would be low seating. Low seating may look fantastic but it is quite difficult to stand up from these types of chairs. That’s why you should consider the demographic of your visitors when choosing furniture as well.

Reception area design

Beautiful Design Work

You do need to make sure that the reception area is designed to look incredible. Make sure that you think about the colors carefully. Certain colors including pastel shades have an impact on the emotional reaction of visitors. Pastel shades are used to make individuals feel calm and relaxed in certain environments. This is one of the reasons why they are often used to decorate the interior of an elevator in hotels.

In contrast, bright colors often spark feelings of happiness and joy. So, if you want to elevate the mood of individuals in your business do make sure that you are working to build in bright colors to your design. This can include the seating.

Reception area design

Additional Accessories

Finally, make sure that you add life and character to this office area with unique, key accessories and additions to the design. For instance, there should be a coffee table as part of the seating area. This ensures that it feels more communal and comfortable to clients or potential job candidates. It guarantees that you don’t need to worry about them feeling like they are waiting in a dental office.

Reception area design

As well as this, you should think about adding some green plants around your reception space. As well as improving the air quality, this can make the area feel more natural and alive.

We hope this helps you make the right choices and improve the comfort for your visitors.

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