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5 Top Office Design Trends for 2017

5 Top Office Design Trends for 2017

Office design has been evolving for years now – and 2017 will be no different!  Here at GXI, as one of the top office refurbishment companies London has for hire, we need to make sure that we are on top of the latest workplace trends and office interiors London firms are buying into – here are the five most interesting trends coming up this year that we think you should seriously consider investing in!

Modular Future-Proofing

As there is no telling – outside the industry – where office design will go next, making sure that your workspace is fitted out with modular, flexible and fluid solutions will allow them to adapt to any major changes that may occur in your office’s set up for future years.  This, too, is a great way to ‘future-proof’ your office – we will help you to find the best in modular workplace trends 2017.

Office Design Trends UK - Modular Future-Proofing

The Natural Touch

While plant life has been a fixture of many offices for some time, there is a considerable shift towards bringing the natural world into our workplaces this year.  Many office interiors London and beyond now focus on bringing the outside inside – creating a lush atmosphere and one which helps to keep employees happy.

Office Design Trends UK - The Natural Touch


Glass partitions, from single to double glazing, are our speciality – as one of the most progressive office refurbishment companies London has available for hire, we know all too well that offices of all shapes and sizes are starting to think more about becoming transparent – bringing in glass walls to cordon areas away, but with the ability for others to see in and out.

Office Design Trends UK - Transparency

The Cloud

Is office filing dead in the water?  With technology marching on in the direction of cloud storage and virtual servers, there’s more space for you to use to your advantage – meaning that 2017 will certainly see further reductions in physical filing and server rooms.

Office Design Trends UK - The Cloud

Employee Adaptability

In 2017, the best office spaces will adapt to the worker, not the other way around.  With a multitude of desk and workspace creations that can be moulded and fit to benefit specific employee needs – from comfort to productivity enhancement – we can think deeply about what your workers need as much as what you and the business need.

From flexible, modular units to breakthroughs in design and otherwise, GXI can help.  As experts in office fit out and a leader in innovating in the workplace, you can rely on our team to completely rethink your office floor.  We will keep you at the heart of your project and will make sure that you are completely happy with all decisions we make for you.  For more information on how to stay ahead of the office design game this year, call or email us today at your convenience!

Office Design Trends UK - Employee Adaptability

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