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Workplace Trends: Traditional Office Vs Flexible Workspace

Workplace Trends:Traditional Office Vs Flexible Workspace

Offices have changed a lot over the years – and for good reason.  While we may previously have been happy to spend our working hours in stuffy cubicles and crammed, uninspiring environments, office refurbishment has really kicked into gear in the past decade – with many firms and specialists such as GXI Group offering superb, contemporary and open-plan office fit out companies London and beyond will turn to for morale and productivity boosts.  There’s more to a happy workforce than casual Fridays and the odd staff party – companies now are actively looking to provide more flexible, transparent workspaces to employees at all levels, often breaking down barriers between departments and tiers while doing so.

A flexible workspace is one that can be quickly adjusted or is transparently simple and open enough to be transformed at a second’s notice.  Anyone with more than a little experience in modern office space will be able to tell you that the move from traditional office design to more flexible means has resulted in a number of trends – gone are the days of having to walk around unwieldy, choking partitions to be able to speak to colleagues – glass is all the rage in office refurbishment in 2016.  Even more so for departmentalising – if you really need to close employees off, you can do so with a simple, movable partition, or can house areas in glass walls and doors to create a greater sense of space, and to maintain transparency.

Office workspaces with transparency and an open-plan atmosphere are proven to empower employees and to boost productivity – it allows everyone to share the atmosphere at the same level, and at the same time, prevents any risk of anyone feeling closed-off.  For office fit out companies London firms turn to again and again, you need look no further than GXI Group for flexible contemporary office refurbishment that gets results.

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