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Design Trends and Modern Layouts to Consider for Your Next Office Renovation

Design Trends and Modern Layouts to Consider for Your Next Office Renovation

Any modern firm offering office refurbishment London and beyond will be keen to advise you that there are a number of trends and movements in interior workplace design which all businesses should be paying attention to. As experts in office fit out and refurbishment, GXI are always on hand to create a contemporary office space for any and all business needs with a view on what is working wonders for the competition.

Modern office spaces focus on open plan thinking. Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles and choking partitions – if partitions have to exist, they are flexible, portable or even transparent – meaning that all areas of a given workforce can collaborate together on projects without being closed in. Windows and glass walls,

in fact, often lead modern office design the world over – this is due to their flexible properties, their luxury aesthetic and their affordability. Transparent doors and walls of all shapes and sizes encourage inclusivity and open thinking – meaning that any companies eyeing up office refurbishment London or elsewhere can do far worse than introduce a glass partition or two into the mix.

Comfort and ease of use for staff, too, is a big factor in modern workplace design. Workplaces in the modern age are now more tailored to employee comfort and productivity than ever before – meaning that comfortable workstations, recreation areas and laptop centres are being sought by businesses and brands who are aiming to make their offices happy and comfy places to work in.

You should always consider colour scheming and visual design, too – as well as practicality. Office fit out projects come in all shapes, sizes and complexities – and far too often, colour scheming is sadly overlooked. Bright, vibrant colours – or ones which tie in with your company branding and ethos – are always recommended. Modern offices stray from either too much colour or too little – you need to focus on a sharp or subtle balance – however you wish to play it – to appeal to both your staff and your prospective clients and business partners.

As experts in office fit out and office refurbishment London and beyond, our team are always called upon to be the finger on the pulse of contemporary office design. No matter your needs nor wants, we can bring a luxury workplace blueprint to life with the comfort, practicality and ease of use you and your team deserve.

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