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5 Ways That Your Office Environment Impacts on Employee Wellbeing

5 Ways That Your Office Environment Impacts on Employee Wellbeing

If you’re thinking about upgrading or improving your office environment, then it’s worth keeping in mind that the choices you make will impact employee well being. Little and big decisions can change everything for your employees and determine whether they feel stressed, happy or miserable. It can impact their physical health too and this will play into whether they remain efficient or productive in their position within your business. Here are five ways that your office environment will have an impact on employees.


Be aware that RSI is one of the most common office injuries today. RSI or repetitive strain injury describes chronic pain that impacts the upper limbs. It is caused by typing for long periods with the wrong posture or in a poor environment. Once employees develop RSI they will not be able to reach maximum levels of productivity.

To avoid this, ensure that you are investing in ergonomic furniture that guarantees employees can work in the right position. An example of this would be sit standing desks. These can be adjusted through the day to reflect the position for the worker. Ergonomic chairs will also provide back and limb support while helping employees find the right working position.

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Happiness Levels

The right office layout and design can impact the happiness levels and job satisfaction for employees. One of the factors to be aware of here is colors and shading. It’s been shown that brighter, lighter colors are more likely to create and support positive moods in the office.

Ensuring your office is green with plant life may also be beneficial here. Plants absorb the CO2 in the air, leading to a more pleasant environment. Experts do suggest this can impact the emotional health of office workers.

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Social Wellbeing

Socialization is a key aspect of mental health. Individuals who are unable to socialize struggle with issues such as a depression and dissociation. As such, you need to make sure that you do not segregate employees. Instead, create an open plan system where everyone works and interacts together. As well as providing mental health benefits, this will ensure teamwork by bringing employees together through the business day. You should also think about using shared desk spaces and ensuring that employees are facing one another.

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Stress Levels

Your office environment can also reduce or increase the stress employees of your business feel. Colors and shades can once again have an impact here. Pastel shades and some forms of modern art have been shown to help relax individuals. Air flow may also have an impact on stress levels which is another key reason to make sure that your office is as open as possible.

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Finally, your office environment can even have an impact on whether or not your employees succumb to illness. Offices with clutter are more likely to gather dust particles. As well as causing breathing issues, this can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are seeing a high number of sick days, it’s possible that this is partially caused by an over cluttered office.

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