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8 Tips to Design or Redesign Office Spaces

8 Tips to Design or Redesign Office Spaces

An office is a space where an employee spends the majority of his day. It is not just a place for the work, but a space where he shares the memories of a lifetime. A happy employee means better work and better work means growth. 

We are at the war of talent revolution and war for talent. You’ll need to work harder to attract, engage, and retain employees for the long term. Office space is an inevitable factor that plays a critical role in retaining, attracting, and engaging employees.

The office is not made of glass walls, equipment, or modern furniture but a positive working environment is also a vital part of it. With a positive attitude towards work, you can make a difference.

One of the sad realities of human beings is that we cannot stay positive and productive 24X7. How to fight this problem? The office environment and surroundings can help employees to stay motivated and productive. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss some of the external factors that can help your office people to stay focused and happy.

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Office space is a powerful space to generate engagement, innovation, and drive productivity. With certain design elements one can spark the motivational element without spending fortune.

Motivation and productivity are intertwined and it is the reason why motivated employees are the most productive one. Many studies reveal that a happy employee tends to fall less sick compared to unhappy employees. 

Top 8 changes can give new energy and positivity to your office environment. 

1. Add Character Wall

Transform the boring wall into exciting space by adding a character wall. The character can be any form. From minimal wall panelling to the graffiti wall to reverse board-and-batten to modern accent wall to oak slat wall to artwork piece. Creativity on the wall can help employees to run their creative juices. If you are into creative business then it is something you should not miss.

2. Set an Area for Socialisation

Humans need to socialise, yes even in office space. Allow your employees to enjoy snacks, tea or other recreational activities with their office friends. Break the boredom of daily mundane by setting an area for socialisation for employees. It is the space where employees can get to know each other in office premises. Adding a small coffee bar and book reading setting can warm up the office and give a space to employees to relax. 

3. Add Greenery

Many studies in the past have shown that live plants can help to boost productivity and mood of the employees. Not only plants improve the aesthetic of the space but also improves stress environment, wellbeing, cleans air, reduces noise level, and helps in boosting creativity. Good news is that plants do not fortune, plus add beauty for the eyes. Who doesn’t love lush offices? You may never know your green plant may become an inspiration for creative people.

4. Install Right Light Elements 

Does light matter? Yes, light plays a vital role in the office space. Adding the right light and fixture may help to get the desirable productivity and essence to the place. The beauty of today’s age is that we have a plethora of options for almost everything. From Incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent to LED. There are so many stylish fixtures that can simply raise the standard and beauty of the space. What’s your thought on light?

5. Break up open Spaces

Everyone needs privacy, even in the office. No one likes when one person peeps into another person's computer. Sometimes loud conversations in the open spaces become a tough challenge to concentrate on work. There are many ways through which you can break up open spaces. You can use plants, glass divider, demountable, furniture, etc. An experienced office design service provider can guide you in the right way.  

6. Keep Office Environment Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Nothing can lighten up the mood if the office space is not clean and well maintained. No one likes to work on a computer filled with dust or paper lying on the floor, desks filled with wrappers. Place dustbins near each workstation and invest in good cleaning devices.

7. Add Office Friendly Colours

Who likes boring black and white offices? Not at least millennials and Gen Z. Imagine the office as the blank canvas and fill it with beautiful popping colours to add positive vibes to the place. Do you know there are different types of colours that evoke different emotions? For example blue has a positive impact on productivity, while green brings out the calming effect. For a larger effect white is your colour and yellow to boost creativity. You can take help from an office design consultancy for the best results. 

8. Get an Office Unofficial Mascot

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and this is very much true in the case of employee’s productivity. Another way to light up your office space is by getting an office mascot. Be it a cat, dog or any other animal; they can really reduce tension and often helps in keeping employees happy. Sure interacting with colleagues is a good idea, but there is nothing like seeing an innocent dog, waving his tail to welcome you. Their smiles and selflessness helps to beat stress. By the way, are you a dog person or cat person?  

Final Words

We hope you like our idea to design or redesign office space that can make a big difference in productivity. You can take the help of an experienced and expert office designer in London to give an exquisite look to the space. 

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