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How to Create a Workspace that Fosters Collaboration?

How to Create a Workspace that Fosters Collaboration

The best workspace design is purpose-driven. We’ve designed fit-outs with focuses on health, motivation, workload efficiency, and much more. An important part of any company culture, however, is how well it fosters good communication, collaboration, and professional relationships amongst team members. Here’s how your workplace can create a friendlier, cohesive team out of your staff.

Finding balance 

The cubicle crush is a widely maligned design practice that sees morale falter as the team is cut off from one another. In response, the fully open design ended up being rife with distraction getting in the way of productivity. A little balance was much needed. Now, we focus on creating different work zones, offering the level of communicability and privacy as and when it’s needed, rather than forcing ourselves to one extreme or the other.

Create a Workspace that Fosters Collaboration, London

Flexibility is key 

Modern technology makes us more able to work just about anywhere and the workspace needs to account for that. Readily available places for impromptu meetings and communal spaces for cross-department pow-wows allow for more natural organization and collaboration within the team.

Create a Workspace that Fosters Collaboration, London

The social component matters, too 

A fast-growing trend is an emphasis on social interaction that isn’t strictly related to work alone. Comfortable break rooms, outdoor spaces, and hangout zones allow staff members to get a little much-needed distance from their workspace on breaks and creates organic opportunities for interaction and engagement across the team. This helps develop professional relationships so that, when it’s time to work together, and established rapport and rhythm makes it much easier.

All successful workplaces focus on what they have to offer the team. They’re an asset to be utilized, not just a place to house your equipment and people. With a focus on collaboration, your workplace can truly bring the team closer together.

Create a Workspace that Fosters Collaboration, London

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