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Office Fit Outs: How We Work

Office Fit Outs: How We Work

Some of the most popular and rewarding work we take on and complete for our clients is the office fit out. Essentially, should you already have access to space in which you’d like to build your office or workspace, it makes sense to try and build your business up from scratch within those four walls – and while it may be tempting to start taking each element of an office on one step at a time, it makes more sense to allow a team of experts to guide you through fitting out that space from scratch and in one fell swoop.

Here at GXI, our comprehensive process enables you to take complete control of your project at all times – we will be on hand each and every step of the way to ensure that you have the professional assistance you require in making an office fit out a reality. From the very start of the process we will help you to develop your brief by both understanding your existing space, your specific needs, your team, brand and ethos – as well, of course, as your budget. From here, we will work with you together to understand your space that little bit clearer.

Office design in 2018 is as much about space planning as it is about getting a look and feel just right – space is incredibly important for both company morale as well as functionality, meaning that even if you only have a tiny space to work in – relatively – we will be able to help you make the most of it. Through consultation and friendly discussion we will help you to finalise the look and floor plan of your new office, ready for the manufacturing and installation. This is, effectively, the active ‘office fit out’.

Our manufacturing process takes advantage of some of the best tools in the business – and coupled with our expertise, we’re proud to be able to seamlessly install some truly magnificent and unique office solutions on a fit out basis. At the end of the process, we will of course hand over – and allow you and your team to effectively move in.

Think of an office fit out as taking away all of the hard work for you – we’ll help you to get your ideal look just right and, through our step by step process, will help you to bring it to life.

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