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Office Partitions: Five Ideas to Consider in Your Workplace

Office Partitions:Five Ideas to Consider in Your Workplace

Office designs are no longer as cut-and-dried as you may believe – and here at GXI, we have worked with a number of high profile clients to create and implement bespoke office designs for a variety of purposes.  One factor of office design that has evolved over the years is that of office partitions – often seen to be stuffy or excluding if implemented incorrectly, there are now a wide range of ways in which you can divide your office space without cutting anybody out.  Here are a few ideas that we particularly enjoy.

Glass Partitions

A glass partition is a superb solution to ensuring that you portion away your office space or enclose a separate office without shutting people away.  Glass makes for transparency and can also help an office of any size look bigger.  Glass also works well as general office partitions in separating even the smallest of spaces.

Glass Partitions, UK

Natural Partitions

In addition to a glass partition, the use of a plant of natural partition or divider will help lighten the atmosphere in any office and will likely inspire comfort and relaxation.  Many offices up and down the country use real or artificial plants to help cordon away certain areas in a unique way.

Natural Partitions, UK

Moveable Partitions

Perfect for any office looking to save on space, the idea of portable office partitions is that they are lightweight to be moved around an office with ease, and create private and last-minute divisions at short notice.  It’s also extremely cost effective long term.

Moveable Partitions, UK

Wooden Partitions

For a warm elegance that a glass partition simply cannot emulate, a wooden partition that can be easily constructed and collapsed provides an ideal solution for any business looking for a certain look or atmosphere.

Wooden Partitions, UK

Metal Partitions

Office partitions constructed from aluminium are sturdy, reliable, resistant and flexible, making them a superb long-term solution.  They can also be flexibly designed and implemented as part of a glass partition as you see fit.

These are just some of the great ideas that you can bring to your office space when refurbishing or looking to partition your working environment.  For more ideas or to arrange a design consultation, contact us here at GXI Group today on 020 8732 5582 – and we will be happy to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have in mind.

Metal Partitions, UK

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