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Office Partitions Retaining Space and Transparency

Office Partitions Retaining Space and Transparency

Sometimes, an office partition is necessary. There may be times where you need to hold a private meeting, or you may need to segregate certain groups if a number of different projects are underway. Therefore, it is wise not to wave goodbye to the partition as a concept altogether. If anything, it is prudent to consider how you can make partitioning work to your advantage. Here at GXI Group, we have kept on top of the various trends and movements in office design and space planning over the past few years and are always eager to share our findings with our clients. After all, it is important to us that you leave with an office floor plan that benefits you for years to come – and that inspires both your personnel and your visitors.

Office partition solutions of old are notoriously clunky and exclusive – many call centres, for example, have led the way by opening up communal round tables with miniature partitioning at each desk – to allow for quiet, one on one collaboration with minimal distraction. Office design should encourage collaboration – while there is always a time and a place for private meetings and for segregation – a general working day should be optimised for the sharing of ideas and to allow one another to work together on various projects. Therefore, we greatly encourage the use of minimised partitions, or even those which can be easily moved around on wheels. These are just two of the solutions potentially available to you.

When it comes to the need to separate rooms or groups for various reasons, portable partitioning and glass office partition solutions are key. Glass walls and doors not only help to expand the look of an office floor – as they maximise light travel – but they also encourage transparency. With glass as your main component in office design, you’ll be leading with a look that suggests nothing goes on behind closed doors – and that even those higher up in the chain are approachable and welcoming to collaboration and feedback.

Office partition solutions are evolving – and, here at GXI Group, we greatly encourage offices of all sizes to consider how they can use such solutions to their advantage – to encourage morale, to encourage productivity, and to elevate the image and atmosphere of your current working environment. Whether you opt for glass or portable office partition solutions, there will be a look and an option to fit your brand image and company needs.

Office Partitions Retaining Space and Transparency

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