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What Office Wellness Facilities Millennials Consider Important

What Office Wellness Facilities Millennials Consider Important

Office wellbeing is quickly becoming of great importance for companies. One of the main reasons for this is millennial employees. Wanting a workplace that promotes workplace wellbeing, many businesses are introducing facilities that they can use throughout the working day to help with this. Increasing their levels of productivity and allowing them to feel that the workplace is so much more than just their place of work, it also promotes for a healthy working lifestyle. So what office wellness facilities do millennials consider important?

1)  An on-site gym

Firstly, if an office has an on-site gym. They don’t want to sacrifice their health by sitting at a desk all day. They want to be able to work out before starting work, during lunch and after work. An on-site gym will help to promote the importance of workplace wellbeing, giving the employees the freedom to mix work and their love of fitness.

An on-site gym

2)  On-site exercise classes

Secondly, on-site exercise classes. If a business has an area that they can use for exercise classes such as yoga, it will help to get the employees motivated and adds an essence of fun to the workplace. Millennials love the ability to take part in exercise classes, and especially when they can do so alongside their friends at work. This will allow for treasured downtime and makes them feel more relaxed when it’s time to go back to their desks.

On-site exercise classes

3)  Ergonomic furniture

Thirdly, ergonomic furniture. Millennials love monitors that can be adjusted and standing desks. Helping with their wellness, they consider the freedom of altering their desk as an important part of their everyday work lives. It will also help with posture and eye strain, making them feel more driven and relaxed.

Ergonomic furniture

4)  A healthy food station

If a business has a cafe or shop that employees can buy food in, in order to appeal to millennials it should sell healthy food. As mentioned above, their wellness is important to them and by promoting a healthier diet through offering salads, fruit and veg they will be tempted to purchase the food and enjoy it within the workplace, instead of going elsewhere during lunch. A business can also offer days dedicated to healthy food, for example, a fruit day that brings employees together to share apples, bananas, etc.

A healthy food station

5)  Wellness and assistance programs

A business should aim at not only promoting wellness in the body but also in the mind. By offering confidential support programs for stress, anxiety, depression etc. it will create a better work environment. Millennials recognise the importance of this and look for it when applying for jobs.

Wellness and assistance programs

6)  Massage services

A business wants its employees to feel as at ease as possible in order to achieve a good level of productivity and valuable work. Many offices are now introducing paramedical services such as massage therapy, giving their employees a break from their working day to have a relaxing massage. Millennials value this facility as it leaves them feeling more stress-free and motivated.

Alongside the above facilities, millennial workers consider natural light within the office, flexible working hours and a sustainable work environment as important factors when seeking a new job. In order to retain millennial employees, a business should consider all of the above when making alterations to their business.

Massage services

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