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The Best Office Flooring Options For You

The Best Office Flooring Options For You

Every workplace is slightly different, and while certain office spaces can ape or borrow from each other from time to time, there are plenty of ways through which you can apply your own branding touches or thematic choices, should they be practically feasible.  Flooring is, of course, massively important in the overall design of your office – and if you are unsure about which option you should take in terms of setting up the floor for your final design, here are a few of our favourite options to help you get started.

Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Simple, easy to lay and easy to blend in with company branding, carpet is a popular choice going back decades – it offers warmth and can bring character and colour to a workspace.  While there may be more practical or innovative flooring options out there, carpeting remains a popular choice.

Office Flooring Options - Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can look great in the right office – remarkably affordable and easy to clean and maintain, this is a style of flooring which will work best in very specific office designs – and we will always show you how and where.

Office Flooring Options - Vinyl Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Similarly, rubber flooring is a classic standard that is relatively easy to maintain and which comes with the versatility and charm of carpeting – the best of both worlds from carpet and vinyl, essentially.  However, there are more popular contemporary choices on the market.

Office Flooring Options - Rubber Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

The sophisticated modern office will likely lead with a dark hardwood floor, and it’s a great option if you are building a certain branded look or are pitching towards a very specific audience.  It’s sleek, easy to clean and well-loved in many different trades.

Office Flooring Options - Hardwood Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Similar to hardwood flooring though with perhaps an even lower maintenance threshold, laminate can come in a variety of looks and colours, and it’s therefore hugely popular with modern offices looking to remain on-brand while offering a touch of class.

Office Flooring Options - Laminate Flooring

Ceramic Tiled Flooring

A touch of the continent never went amiss – once again, very easy to clean and maintain, though you may miss the warmth of a good carpet.  A very good option for a workspace that has a very clear character or brand in mind.

Your flooring choices will depend entirely upon your tastes, your brand, and your employee needs – the idea of there being a ‘best’ option simply doesn’t exist!  Our team will always help you find the best flooring fit for your unique office design.

Office Flooring Options - Ceramic Tiled Flooring

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