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The Psychology of Colour: How Some Colour Schemes Motivate in Office Spaces

The Psychology of Colour: How Some Colour Schemes Motivate in Office Spaces

Is your office space filled with bright white shades or colors that are similar to dull grey? If so then it might be time to make some changes with your next office fit out. This is particularly important if you want to see improvements in levels of productivity. You may not realize this but colors and shades do impact our state of mind and mental wellbeing. They can make us angry, confident or scared. They can make us excited and happy and it has been theorised this is the reason why some movies perform better at the box office. For business owners, it’s crucial to explore the colors that improve motivation. By doing this, you can then introduce them into your office design.

Let’s look at the impact these colors have.


Red is ideal for environments where there’s a lot of physicality. This could still include an office environment. As anyone will tell you, it can take a lot out of you spending the majority of the day typing at a desk. Red shades will help ensure that there is a strong physical response and can even trigger the fight or flight aspect of the mind. This helps individuals not become overwhelmed and indeed overloaded in particularly stressful situations. Instead, the color can ensure that the heart is pumping fast providing the high level of blood circulation individuals need to perform well in challenging environments.

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If you want to ensure that employees are focusing on your office, then you need to make sure that you are using blue shades throughout your business design. This is connected to levels of intellectual achievement and as such is often popular in office spaces. As well as being connected to the intellect, there is also evidence that this color helps improve communication between individuals and ensures that they connect on the same level. If you want to increase the benefit of this even further, consider mixing the blue shades with vibrant orange colors as well.

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One of the problems in your office may be a lack of inspiration and creativity. If so, you might want to consider introducing yellow shades into your business design. Yellow has been shown to inspire both creativity and optimism about potential paths that individuals may take in life. It boosts confidence levels and is considered to be an emotional color. Use this shade in your design and you may find that it inspires and encourages people to deliver the best level of work imaginable.

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This is best used to create a calm or relaxing office environment. It can also be used in recharging areas that may be set up in the modern office. Green provides a level of balance separate from the other primary colors. As such, it helps ensure that people do not feel overwhelmed in their job and instead of that they can handle the challenges of the day. Furthermore, it provides harmony and does not cause any strain.

We hope you see now how you can use color to create tremendous benefits in the office environment.

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