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What's the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit out?

Whats the difference between Cat A and Cat B fit out?

Are you gearing up to step into a new office space or revamp your current one? Amidst the buzz of relocation or refurbishment, the intricate language of construction might leave you feeling a tad bewildered. Fear not, GXI Group are here to simplify the jargon, ensuring you're fully in the loop about every aspect of your project.

What is an Office Fit Out?

Office fit out is the art of sculpting an internal space into a habitat fit for occupation. It's the metamorphosis of a bare concrete shell into a bustling hub, encompassing everything from essential facilities to the creation of internal zones like meeting rooms, breakout areas, and kitchens.

As a tenant, it's crucial to align with your landlord or developer regarding the level of finish they'll provide. Often, the space is handed over as either a Shell and Core or a Cat A fit out, leaving the final transformation, known as a Cat B fit out, in the hands of the tenants.

What is a Cat A Fit Out?

A Cat A fit out elevates the space beyond the raw canvas provided in a Shell and Core arrangement. (Shell and Core is just the basic internal framework of the building.) Picture raised floors, suspended ceilings, and foundational mechanical and electrical services. While a Cat A space boasts fundamental infrastructure, its aesthetics are usually very basic, resembling an industrial standard.

It's noteworthy that landlords may require the space to revert to Cat A condition post-tenancy.

Key features of a Cat A fit out include:

  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings with a basic finish

  • Foundational mechanical and electrical services

  • Fire detection systems and smoke alarms

  • HVAC systems for air-conditioning and ventilation

  • Basic internal finishes

What is a Cat B Fit Out?

The next step up from Cat A is of course a Cat B fit out, where your dream workspace really comes to life. Here, in collaboration with fit out specialists like GXI Group, you'll craft every facet of your office environment. From interior partitions separating meeting rooms to the selection of furniture, this phase is all about customisation.

Your Cat B fit out entails:

  • Fully equipped kitchens and individual office amenities

  • Partitioning for meeting rooms, offices, and breakout areas

  • Installation of IT infrastructure and workstations

  • Provision of soft furnishings

  • Climate control systems, heating, and power outlets

  • Non-communal staff facilities and breakout spaces

  • Comprehensive IT installation and infrastructure

  • Tailored design elements reflecting your brand identity

Essentially, a Cat B fit out renders your office move-in ready, tailored to your precise specifications and corporate ethos.

Navigating the intricacies of office fit out shouldn't be daunting. With clarity on the nuances of Cat A and Cat B fit outs, courtesy of GXI Group, you're equipped to embark on your workspace transformation journey with confidence.

Transform your office space into a haven of productivity and inspiration with GXI Group. Let's bring your vision to life, one meticulous detail at a time.

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