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Which Partition Walls Are Right For You?

Which Partition Walls Are Right For You

Partition walls are largely replacing the clunky, unappealing cubicles of old, and we’re very glad indeed that they are!  It’s safe to say, however, that they don’t come in just one flavour – the partitions you choose for your office will depend upon your staff’s needs, your existing branding and more besides – and here at GXI, we will always help you in your search for that perfect look and installation.  Here are just a few that you may wish to start thinking about.

Glass Partitions

Glass walls and dividers are becoming the hot standard in modern offices, and it’s not hard to see why.  They supply maximum light, super transparency and they blend in with a range of colour and style.  Go for frosted glass to maximise privacy!

Partition Walls - Glass Partitions

Laser Cut Panels

Really emphasise your personal branding and style with bespoke laser cut panels – more than just a wall, a panel cut to your specifications will really imprint your personality and branding in a big way.

Partition Walls - Laser Cut Panels

Timber Partitions

Yes – even wooden partitions are coming into vogue!  These pleasing walls and dividers are at home in modern, minimalist and mildly-coloured office spaces – they are anything but clunky or in-your-face.

Partition Walls - Timber Partitions

Storage Partition Walls

Talk about maximum practicality – why waste a good partition when it can double as storage?  We recommend these panels and walls if you’re looking to really free up space – they’re a brilliant time-saver and a big hit with our clients.

Partition Walls - Storage Partition Walls

Steel Frames

Steel frames work wonderfully as part of sleek, sturdy partition installations which emphasise professionalism – these are a great choice for any office looking to stand above the crowd.

Partition Walls - Steel Frames

Partition Walls with Strings

Yes – you can even harness a string or two to help build a truly unique and pleasing partition system.  These can be employed in a variety of ways – all you ever need to do is ask!

Partition Walls - Partition Walls with Strings

Shutter Partitions

Brilliant for flexible privacy while allowing you to keep to an ‘open door’ policy, these walls can work to your needs on demand.

Partition Walls - Shutter Partitions

Smart Flexible Partitions

The future is flexible – and these demountable systems will allow you to build, rebuild and move your workspace around when you need it.  Just pop out and slot in – fantastically versatile!

GXI Group specialise in a huge range of office fittings and essentials to help our clients find that perfect modern look – why not call us to discuss your partition needs on 020 3915 8000?

Partition Walls - Smart Flexible Partitions

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