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Why Invest in Quality Office Partitions?

Why Invest in Quality Office Partitions

From single glazed frameless glass office partitions to simple, moveable walls that can be constructed and allocated as you wish, there really is much to be said for modern office partitions.  The era of the stuffy cubicle and the claustrophobic office layout are gone – in 2017, office design is all about openness, inclusivity and making sure that everyone has access to everyone else.  This may seem like a fairly simple concept, but it is one which will require expert analysis and design technique to get right.  It is a process which will also require knowledge of what works well for any given workspace or business.  At GXI, we believe in quality partitions – from glass partitions to flexible, modular units – and we are therefore proud to offer expert consultation on London office refurbishment from firm to firm.

Consider double glazed frameless glass office partitions – while it may be a mouthful to say, they are often amongst the best quality partitions that money can buy.  Not only are you able to maintain transparency between departments in your office – while cordoning off to provide division where necessary – you are benefitting from superb strengthened glass walls that look great and are durable for years to come.  Our office refurbishment packages highly recommend these partitions, too, if you are keen to cut down on noise pollution – and if you are hoping to keep warmth in.  Therefore, it is not only cost-effective in terms of energy, but glass partitions can also help you to maintain privacy and confidentiality from department to department.

Many offices you may visit or work in today come complete with solid, dependable partitions.  Cubicles and flimsier, more stuffy walls are a throwback to models of the 80s and 90s where efficiency was thought to come above all other factors – while glass partitions and walls can not only help to improve employee morale and can help to provide greater transparency between departments, they can also provide a fantastic impression or two upon visitors and staff alike.  This, in turn, will do wonders for your image and may even increase productivity.  Let us take a close look at your existing workplace and we will be happy to introduce solid, contemporary partitions into your working life.

For more information on GXI, our services, and our range of office fit out essentials, call or email us today at your convenience.  We will be happy to design and create a complete office redesign for you from scratch, keeping your needs and wants at the very heart of the process.  From partitions to filing solutions, desks to seating and more, let us revitalise your business this year – call us for a no obligation quote.

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