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4 Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

4 Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

Colour is important. We all know that a dark and enclosed office makes us feel stressed. During an office fit out London, we take careful consideration to the message you would like to promote to your employees. As well as using your brand’s colour scheme in your office interiors, the use of other colours is incredibly important to increase the productivity in your office.

1. Yellow

Inspire your office design with some splashes of yellow. In colour psychology, yellow can be elevating, stimulating and can make a small room feel expansive. If you work in the creative sector then using yellow will be help to engage and inspire your employees.

Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

2. Orange

In colour science, orange brings energy and cheer into your room. Using orange to highlight areas of your office space can encourage enthusiasm in the work place. Interestingly, orange makes an office space feel bold and happy without the use of a brash bright colour such as, reds, bright green and bright yellows!

Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

3. Blue

Blue is classed as the world’s favourite colour. It is also deemed as the most productive colour. You may notice that the colour blue is popularly used by large corporations. Dark blues are considered to represent strength and reliability and light blues bring relaxation and honesty throughout the space.

Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

4. Green

Green has a calming and grounding psychological effect on the mind. Using green on your office furniture or walls may reduce stress and promote space in your workplace. Green is an effective colour to use in your social break areas as it conveys a balancing and calming feel to the room.

Colours to Enhance Your Office Productivity

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