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4 Things to Note While Using Glass Partitions in Your Office

4 Things to Note While Using Glass Partitions in Your Office

Glass partitions are an attractive method of separating your office into different zones. Glass partitions allow you to see people from across the office while at the same time creating new focused spaces and sound environments.

The Sound Transmission In Your Office Will Change

Glass partitions affect how sound is transmitted through your office. If you currently operate an open plan design, glass partitions can help you keep an open plan feel while at the same time reducing background office noise in individual spaces. Likewise, if you don't operate an open plan office, but would like it to feel more so, then glass partitions offer a way of achieving a separate-but-open layout.

Office Glass Partitions

Your Glass Partitions Need To Be Fire-Rated

All glass partitions in offices must be made of fire-rated glass. Fire-rated glass is a special kind of glass that is different from regular or toughened glass. Modern, fire-rated glass is just as attractive as regular glass but has the added benefit of resisting the spread of fire.

Fire Rated Office Glass Partitions

There Are A Choice Of Frames

The frame is the structure which supports the glass partition. There is a range of frames from which you can choose, all with different aesthetics to suit your office. You can customise frames in a variety of ways, including colour and materials used in their construction.

Office Glass Partitions

Improve Space Utilisation While Preserving Natural Light

Glass office partitions not only help you make the most of your space, but they also allow light to penetrate deep into the office. Glass partitions are a great way to upgrade opaque cubicles separators and open up your office to natural light.

Office Glass Partitions

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