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Glass and Lighting to Reflect Your Company Branding

Glass and Lighting to Reflect Your Company Branding

Anyone who has spent time in an office in the past few years may already have spotted a huge trend towards removing the stuffy cubicles of old. Contact centres largely operate on a round table basis now, and those offices which do require segregation do so on a basis that still allows for transparency and flexibility.  While some offices opt for modular furniture, walls and more, you can do no wrong by considering the benefits of glass as part of your office design – and in tandem with effective lighting, you can create offices that thrive on expansive space and increased transparency.  Have you considered glass partitions as part of an upcoming refurbishment?

There’s every reason why you should. As stated, office partitions have really come on a long way since the cubicle walls of old, meaning that if you are still penning in employees with solid, immovable partition walls, it may be time to consider making a change. Modern offices use glass partitions to not only provide transparency between departments, but also to allow for a greater feeling of space to be created –more space, it would seem, enhances morale. This is understandable – after all, would you feel more relaxed working in a closed-in environment, or with space to breathe? There’s no contest.

Glass partitions can also be used to imprint your company branding and ethos. Office partitions can be created with custom designs and logos, or can be decorated with large vinyl displays to allow you to showcase your branding and more besides. A little decoration goes a long way, and if you can do so in a manner that is both relevant to your company and in a way that your employees will love, there is all the more reason to take the plunge. Here at GXI Group, we believe that traditional office partitions have had their time in the sun – while there will be occasions where departmentalisation is needed, all modern businesses must be as flexible as the world they operate in. Moveable, glass and DIY partitions are all the rage – from both practical and aesthetic standpoints.

Whether you are aiming to build a new office space from scratch, or if you intend to refit your existing space with glass and lighting to create an entirely new atmosphere, GXI Group can help – get in touch with us today and we will help to design you a workspace that reflects your branding and enhances your company atmosphere.

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