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4 Tips to Set Up an Ergonomic Office Fitout

4 Tips to Set Up an Ergonomic Office Fitout

Ergonomic office design is one of the biggest concerns for all office workers today. No one wants to come into work and sit for several hours on an uncomfortable chair that hurts their back and nobody wants to be forced to type when their arms and hands are in pain. Ergonomic office design will help your employees remain in great condition whenever they’re at work and here are four fantastic tips to help you ensure your office is a great place to work at.

1. Consider the chairs you give your employees

While it might be out of reach (for now) to offer your employees expensive office chairs, you should at least consider their comfort especially if they’re sitting at their PC for most of the day. Don’t be cheap and get them horrible office chairs from the local furniture store at a discount price. Instead, invest a bit of money into office chairs that can support their back.

chairs you give your employees

2. Offer adjustable furniture and hardware

Whether it’s a monitor on an arm that can be moved up and down or a chair that actually has a functioning gas lift, make sure your employees can adjust their work conditions to suit their personal preferences and height.

adjustable furniture and hardware

3. Provide ample lighting for your employees

Make sure your employees aren’t working in poorly-lit conditions because it can cause serious eye strain. Give them plenty of light and make use of natural lighting conditions.

lighting for your employees, London

4. Give your staff options

Some staff prefers to stand when they work, others like to sit down and switch between the two. Giving your employees options is important and this often starts with a flexible workflow on a portable device like a laptop so that they can pick and choose how they want to work.

Ergonomic Office Fitout, London

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