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A Complete Guide to Recycling Old Office Furniture Before Your Fit Out

A Complete Guide to Recycling Old Office Furniture Before Your Fit Out

You’re relocating the office and you’re taking the opportunity to not only move the team over but to update the style and functionality of the workplace with a new office refurbishment. As such, there might be some office furniture that’s not a good match for the new space. How do you make sure it’s recycled rather than simply dumped?


If your furniture is still in good condition, then why not use it to earn a little money? Selling can help you make up the costs of an office refurbishment. Get in contact with local office furniture stores and send them images and details of the furniture you would like to sell. From second-hand furniture stores to upcycling services to smaller businesses looking to set up a cost-effective office, there may be plenty of buyers in your area. Don’t just contact the more obvious ones, use sites like Gumtree and local social media groups to try and find willing buyers. It’s even more convenient if they’re willing to arrange the collection.

Old Office Furniture Guide - Sell


Can’t sell it? Consider looking at local charity groups and organisations that are willing to accept donations of office equipment and furniture. There may be a pickup charge to consider if you’re unable to deliver it yourself, but it’s rarely too expensive. Otherwise, consider making an open call through your social media channels, encouraging local charities, schools, and nonprofits to get in touch. It’s a good way to highlight your brand positioning as a green business by showing that you’re not wasteful when it comes to your old furniture.

Old Office Furniture Guide - Donate


You don’t necessarily have to get rid of old furniture even if it’s not the best fit for your new workspace. You can also consider making it a good fit yourself. When working with an office refurbishment team, consider talking to them about furniture you might want to update. They are likely to have contacts with local upcycling specialists who are more than willing to help you a new lease of life to old furniture and to do what they can to incorporate your new style. Otherwise, you can consider using it in a new way. Adding some colour and life to an old reception desk and putting it in the break room instead can make for an excellent tea/coffee hangout station.

Old Office Furniture Guide - Upcycle


If you can’t find any ways to sell or donate, and you’re not keen on upcycling your old furniture for your own purposes, get in touch with your local council. They can help you find the most responsible way to dispose of your unwanted assets, ensuring that what is recyclable is, in fact, recycled instead of simply dumped. They can also arrange a pickup, though you should expect some costs. Even better, they may help you find nonprofit and charity organisations that you were unaware of who will be glad to take it off your hands.

There’s no sense getting rid of good furniture, especially if you can make some money from it or others can use it. Dumping old assets should be the last resort, and hopefully we’ve highlighted some better options.

Old Office Furniture Guide - Dispose

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