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5 Office Style Ideas For Client Meeting Areas

5 Office Style Ideas For Client Meeting Areas

Office design can have a significant impact on client and employee behaviour. As well as reflecting your corporate personality, interior design can create motivating, inspiring and reassuring meeting areas. Whatever traits you want to promote, you can use your office style to endorse your company’s attributes.

Feature Ceilings

Until now, you may not have given much thought to your office ceiling, but you’d be surprised what you can achieve with a feature ceiling. Aesthetically-pleasing and highly visible, a feature ceiling will draw the eye of everyone who walks through the office. You can even use attractive features to manage the acoustics in your office and meeting areas, so a feature ceiling can be highly-functional, as well as stylish.

Feature Ceilings, London

Breakout Seating

Using the latest styles and materials, breakout seating can be eye-catching as well as ergonomic. Perfect for information client meeting areas, you can incorporate breakout and soft seating into your office design easily. Perhaps you want to incorporate informal meeting areas into your existing reception space? If so, breakout seating can enhance your office design and provide a functional place to sit down with clients.

Breakout Seating, London

Office Furniture

For more formal meeting spaces, you may want to opt for a more reserved or subtler office design. Meeting area furniture should facilitate the needs of your company, so if you routinely hold long meetings between staff and clients, you’ll need to ensure your meeting area furniture provides the comfort and function you need.

Meeting desks are available in a variety of shapes, including road, oval, square and rectangular, and you can choose a design which complements your existing interior or go for something new and fresh if you’re updating your current office design.

Office Furniture, London

High Tech Facilities

Depending on how your business operates, you may require high tech solutions in client meeting areas. If you’re delivering pitches and floating ideas, for example, you may want to use projectors, wireless monitors and 3D printing. By incorporating this equipment into your meeting areas, you’ll always have the tools you need available when you’re meeting with clients. Furthermore, you can choose meeting area furniture which features high tech solutions, such as charging points, network expansion capabilities and power outlets.

High Tech Facilities, London

Modular Office Design

Over time, your business may expand and modify its processes, and this could affect the amount of space or facilities you need. If you introduce new services, for example, you may host an increasing number of client meetings. Similarly, if your client base grows, you may have multiple members of staff hosting client meetings at the same time, which means you’ll need to have numerous client meeting areas.

Opting for modular office furniture ensures that you can add or change the current office setup, and increase the number of client meeting areas as you need them. In addition to providing a range of options for seating and desks, modular furniture can provide varied workspace options, so you can include space for new practices and processes too.

Modular Office Design, London

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