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Creative Office Design – When You Need More Space Than Office

Creative Office Design – When You Need More Space Than Office

Anyone looking for office fit out companies London and beyond may be tempted to think of a rather basic design when it comes to the ‘stereotypical workplace’. Filing cabinets, plain blinds, partition walls and cluttered desks – sure enough, work gets done in these types of environment, but how productive are these workforces in comparison with the wider populace? Office builders in 2017 are looking more and more at space as a crucial factor in not only improving the overall aesthetic of basic workplace interior design, but also in helping to harness productivity and boost morale. How does this work? It’s simple science – of course!

People generally work better when they’re not closed in – it’s a simple truth that really doesn’t need to go much further than that. Consider workplaces of old – where office builders will have been tasked to set up cubicles, immovable partitions and to focus more on basic functionality than on the needs and feelings of the workforce. Like it or not, morale is playing a major part in current design trends – and as office fit out companies London firms turn to will advise – such as GXI Group – there has never been a better time to start looking at a more creative slant on how to set up your office for your employees.

There is no longer any need – nor much purpose – to focus so much on keeping things fixed. The office in 2017 is flexible, open, and changeable at any time. Gone are fixed-in partitions or unnecessary departmentalisation. Functionality is kept key, but unnecessary clutter and poor technical design is re-imagined and streamlined to make things simpler, and more appealing. Overall, a creative approach to office design is one which focuses more on how an employee would feel working in such a space – as opposed to purely acting on functionality and the absolute minimum. At GXI, we unanimously agree that office interiors should inspire people to work – not imprison them against their will.

As one of the most-respected office fit our companies London firms rely upon year in, year out, we are proud to be able to keep up to speed with the trends and movements in the industry to ensure that our office builders enhance every space they work with. When it comes to office design, try thinking outside of the box – or, perhaps, the cubicle.

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