GXI Group

Exponential-e Ltd. Moves Into New GXI Group Designed Office

IT specialists Exponential-E Ltd approached GXI Group in search of office builders to help renovate and rejuvenate their workspace in an entirely new office – in light of big shifts in the design trends adopted by IT consultancies throughout the UK, the firm were keen to capture a unique look that not only helps to sell their brand image and ethos, but also helps to boost morale and productivity on the office floor.  Taking a contemporary glance at the company’s existing plans, our teams were able to bring a functional, bespoke office fit out companies London and elsewhere would look upon and be inspired by.  This was always our intention.

We led in with modern partitions and panelling adorned by inspiring landscapes and the core values that drive Exponential-E – even choosing to showcase some of their many glowing reviewsfrom some of their must trusted clients across the lobby areas.  We felt this was a superb way of creating a first impression for any visitors to the building, and with it we introduced a greater expanse of space for free movement and transparency in a number of fittings and fixtures to help remove the needfor choking office divides of old.



It was also important that we rejuvenated the company’s workspace to the benefit of the employees who work tirelessly to bring IT support to a number of industries.  Our office builders therefore crafted an open-plan work area delegated into rows of communal desks with a designated walkway and minimal division.  This now allows the company to operate on a hot-desking basis while providing their staff with the facility to collaborate and discuss projects – all while remaining happy and productive.  Once again, it was important that we introduced natural light into the workspace – in addition to enhanced transparency and a look that maintained the professional image of the brand while keeping in stride with the contemporary expectations of employees and visitors.

While many office fit out companies London and elsewhere will be able to consult on existing spaces to help revitalise an existing building or two, few are able to apply this expertise to a complete fit out.  Our teams, however, need only a few design consultations to be able set such wheels in motion.  Exponential-E were thrilled with GXI Group’s office plan from the ground-up – and we sincerely wish them the best in all their future endeavours.