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Glass Walls Is What We Do!

Glass Walls Is What We Do

The modern office is vastly different to the workspace of even a decade ago – you only have to look at just how far technology has come to understand that the way in which we work has evolved beyond all comprehension. Technology aside, however, anyone who has been working in office spaces for more than a few years will already have noticed a trend in design which has both a purpose and a luxury touch behind it – glass partitions are undoubtedly the office design feature and function of the now, and GXI are proud to be able to provide such fittings for offices of all shapes and sizes.

Our partition systems are numerous and will fit in seamlessly with any office design that is looking to both retain that cutting edge and to help inspire the people who may work there on a daily basis. Frameless, freestanding and high wall glass partitions systems are amongst our most popular, offering floor-to-ceiling glass which can be easily installed as a permanent fixture or to be moved as and when required. Our glass partition systems – including our modular systems and moveable walls, which are perfectly suited to the evolving workplace – enable us to offer your workspace the transparency and spatial enhancement that’s otherwise elusive to grasp.

You can even have the best of both worlds with glass partitions that retain your privacy – our LCD privacy smart glass is unlike any other partition on the market, allowing you to effectively create private scenarios as and when you need them – without having to put up with stuffy walls or partitions that are otherwise immovable objects. Glass doors and atrium walls, too, are becoming commonplace in the modern office – and we’re proud to be able to produce them all for you with the affordable luxury and years of maintenance-free function to come.

But why pick GXI Group? Our team have requisite experience dating back years in the very art of glass fabrication. While glass was once a luxury commodity in office design, it has since become an essential asset for many modern firms. We’re proud to have both years of expertise and the best tools of the trade in our arsenal to help bring glass partitions to any business looking to make a modern splash!

If the idea of glass walls appeals to you, call or email us today for a free consultation!

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