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Improve Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace to Increase Productivity

Improve Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace to Increase Productivity

A happy employee is a productive employee – no matter how many times you may have heard that cliché said, it’s true! And it all starts with an office fit out and office design that inspires your work force to work to the best of their abilities – and to their ultimate potential. There’s numerous ways you can work a new office design to the benefit of your employees’ mental wellbeing – and here are just a few.

Keeping Minds Active

You’re going to want to lead with an office fit out or design policy that walks a fine line or balance between over-stimulation and minimalism – you don’t want to create distraction, but at the same time, boredom is a killer when it comes to productivity. Focus on colours, ease of use, inspiring slogans, open office spaces and more – allow your staff to gain access to all their resources with ease in order to keep their minds as sharp as you need them to be.

Practical Work Design

Ultimately, let’s focus on the end goal – you’re going to want an office design that works for you, not the other way around. You’ll want storage systems and desk layouts that provide ease of operation and which allow your staff to carry out their tasks efficiently and without complaint – meaning that practicality and functionality must always be on the cards as a priority aspect during the design process.

Supply Co-Working Spaces

Solo cubicles of old are dead and gone. 2018 and onwards will be more about collaboration than ever – and while we can connect with each other via the internet more easily than ever before, consider how you should be connecting with your physical staff. Break down barriers and partitions to encourage healthy, useful collaboration – with everyone on the same page, you’re creating efficient strategy at a blistering pace – and social working helps to keep minds happy and active, too.

Essentially, when designing an office fit out – or when considering a completely new office design for an existing space – you’re going to need to consider your workforce’s mental happiness. Productivity goes up as does happiness – and while you want to keep a semblance of formality and enough practicality to avoid relaxing your team into a stupor, the way forward for office design for 2018 will be to collaborate with others – and to listen to your staff and their needs.

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