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Top 3 Tips for Planning Any Office Relocation

Top 3 Tips for Planning Any Office Relocation

An office relocation is more than just the move of your resources, furniture and equipment from one space to another. It’s an opportunity to transform your work culture, to up your productivity, and to make your team much happier with a newer, better workspace. To do just that, here are three top tips for a successful relocation that makes it both more convenient and ensures you make the best use of that opportunity.

Schedule, plan, and phase

Let’s address the practicality of the relocation first. Rather than simply choosing the nearest convenient date and settling in for some downtime, you can keep your team just as productive throughout the move, too. Look for times when your team is already going to be out of the office, such as during a training day. If you can’t, consider allowing them to work flexible from home or coworking spaces during the move. You can also phase the move by department or by desk so that most of your team still has what they need to work while you’re moving the rest of them to the new area.

Office Relocation - Schedule, plan, and phase

Take care of all your needs with some flex space

The vast majority of modern teams do not work well with a rigid structure of identical work environments. We all know how soul-crushing and motivation-grinding the cubicle crush is, but the entirely open space has been shown to be just as detrimental for those times when team members need some private, focused space. Give your team access to different work zones in the new space using flex space, instead. Rather than having employees or teams tied to a desk, flex space allows for different zones that are more open, suitable for team meetings, private spaces for those who need quiet to concentrate, and modular closed off spaces for team huddles.

Get rid of the idea of desk ownership and instead make sure you have enough suitable room for all the different kinds of work your team members are likely to engage with. Opting for office partitions instead of permanent walls can make it easier to open up more flex space or create more private rooms as and when you need them, too.

Office Relocation

Don’t go it alone

Lastly, you want to make sure that your team is focused on staying as productive as possible during the relocation and that you’re able to spend your time thinking about how to best use the new office space. You shouldn’t be the one taking care of the practical steps of actually moving. Scheduling a moving team and an office fit out service ahead of time can ensure that you don’t lose too much time by handling it all yourself. It’s easy for a relocation to be more demanding than you might expect, so ensure you have professionals who are used to those demands.

With the tips above, not only is your office relocation going to be much easier. It’s also going to ensure that you’re using much better use of the new space and creating a superior workplace for the sake of your team, your business, and your goals.

Office Relocation - Don’t go it alone

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