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What’s the Difference Between Office Fit Out and Office Refurbishment?

What’s the Difference Between Office Fit Out and Office Refurbishment?

When you want to improve your office, you have many choices. You can make a brand-new space or update what you already have. But sometimes it's confusing to know the difference between office fit out and office refurbishment, and which one is right for you.

Let's break it down:

Office Fit Out: This is when you make an empty space ready to use. It's like starting from scratch. There are different types:

  • Shell & Core: This is when the main structure of the building is done, but the inside is empty. It's like a blank canvas.

  • Category A (Cat A) Fit Out: This is when the basics are put in, like floors, ceilings, and lights. But it's still empty and needs more work.

  • Category B (Cat B) Fit Out: This is the final step. It's when the space is made ready for people to work in. It includes things like desks, partitions, and decorations.

Read more about the difference between Cat A and Cat B Fit Outs here.

Office Refurbishment: This is when you work with what you already have and make changes to fit your needs better. There are different levels:

  • Strip Out & Fit Out: This is when everything is taken out and replaced with new stuff. It's like starting fresh without moving.

  • Mid-Touch Refurb: This is when some parts are changed, but not everything. It's like a mix of old and new.

  • Reconfiguration: This is the smallest change. It's when only a few things are updated, like carpets or furniture.

Main Differences:

  • Scope: Office fit out is more standard, while refurbishment can vary a lot depending on what needs to be changed.

  • Design: Fit out starts with a blank canvas, while refurbishment works with what's already there.

  • Costs: Fit out costs are more predictable, while refurbishment costs depend on what needs to be done.

  • Disruption: Fit out may cause more disruption when moving to a new space, while refurbishment may disrupt work during the project.

Do I Need a Fit out or a Refurbishment?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve and the condition of your current space. If you want a completely new look, fit out might be best. If you're okay with what you have but need some updates, refurbishment could work.

Both office fit out and refurbishment aim to make your space better for your company. It's all about what fits your goals and needs. If you need help deciding or getting started, reach out to experts like us at GXI Group. We're here to help!

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