Top Design Ideas to Jazz up Your Law Firm Office

September 6, 2022

If your law office is old-fashioned, outdated, or creaking under the weight of heavy files. Then it's the time to revamp and turn it into a ravishing office where your team loves to come every day, and your client feels confident in your practice. Your old office is crying for a change; well, this piece of writing will guide you on how to do the same without putting much stress on your budget. In fact, you can take the help of a professional office refurbishment consultant for the best advice. But for now, let’s talk about some amazing and refreshing law firm office design ideas.     

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Few Practical Tips to Design Law Office:

Today we have compiled some practical ideas you can incorporate into your design to bring beautiful results. Following are some of them:

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  1. Open Office Plan   

Is an open office plan a sensible idea in a law firm? What about the client's privacy? Well, the good news is that the law industry is warmly welcoming the open office plan. You can make a seating arrangement where your legal and paralegal team can sit together to make things really fast. Instead of binding them in separate cabins, give them a space to work together. As far as privacy is concerned, you can always make good use of furniture or other fixtures to establish boundaries.         

  1. A Right Amount of Lighting

Lighting matters a lot when planning an office layout and design. If possible, keep an open space for natural lighting as it offers a bundle of physical and mental benefits. It boosts higher productivity, increases the overall level of eye strain and reduces anxiety levels. Further, more lights enhance the room space and give a sense of flow between the spaces. Another massive advantage of having more natural light is the reduction of electricity bills. In the case of artificial lighting, make sure to use the right kind of lights as sometimes the wrong choice in artificial lights irritates the employees and hinders productivity. 

  1. Minimal is the key

There is no doubt that a law firm is packed with countless case files, documents, references, law books, and much more. In this case, if you use the maximum or loud decor, then it will create chaos. Instead, go for minimal decor, keeping the thing tidy and super attractive. Add unique decor pieces to bring out the best in the place.  

  1. Homey touch can be magical.

Modern law offices are all about creating the personal experience, and what's better than adding a homey touch into the space. Instead of picking plain and monotone furniture in black, and brown, pick chairs in red, yellow, blue, and even colourful fabrics. Highly decorated ceilings or decorative wooden beams add style to the place. Include the contemporary setting with colour accents and beautiful artwork, glass panels, and contrasting colours combination to create an awe-struck impact.       

  1. Elevate Office's Vibes

Each office has its own feel and vibes. The good news is that you can create different vibes for each room with great ideas. For instance, for a serious conference room setup, go for neutral colour tones and more office-appropriate or professional-looking furniture. While adding fun elements and bright colour walls in the recreational room to take a break from mundane and boredom.

  1. Add a Living Wall                       

One of the critical aspects of the modern-day interior is adding a living wall. We all are well versed with the benefits of adding living plants in the office. Plants not only add liveliness to the space but also positively impact the employee’s mood and productivity. There are plenty of options for indoor plants; you can go for low-maintenance indoor plants for the office interior. We all are aware of the increased working stress in corporate life; but the good news is that plants help relieve stress and influence our mood and behaviour for good. Adding a living wall with plants not only uplifts the entire interior but also helps employees in many ways. 

  1. Coffee Station for Decaffeinated Moments

We understand that a law firm is all about work, appeal, settlements, partnership, and winning. Give yourself and your employee a moment to relax and rejuvenate by installing a coffee station in the firm. The place will help them relax from the daily grind and speak out their hearts with colleagues. This 5-15 minutes break helps to restart the day again with great enthu and energy. What do you think about a place like this?   

  1. Textured Glass for Privacy

We understand the utmost importance of privacy when meeting with clients, which is why we suggest you go for textured glass for the meeting room. The textured glass gives a sense of privacy, yet filtered light glam up the room. Various designs are available for glass partitions in the UK and based on your requirement, you can choose the right one. 

  1. Welcome Accent Walls   

Another suggestion that really jazzes up the space is accent walls. An accent wall is a wall that differs from the rest of the wall in terms of colour, material or features. The good news is that there are a plethora of options to create accent walls; some of our favourites includes wooden accent wall, colourful art and doodahs wall, glass accent wall, extensive libraries, brick exposed wall, floral print, large art piece decoration piece, chalkboard paint office accent, and mural painting.                                

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We may not be well versed with legal terms like you, but astonishing office space design is what we understand and breathe. An office space design is inviting for everyone, whether your clients or employees. Don't stick yourself to the old style; in fact, go for a modern design that appeals to your work and potential clients. At GXI Group, you will get thorough guidance and tailored space  solution according to your taste and requirements. Our range of solutions provides you with the best in the UK.