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5 Packing Hacks to Use Now Ahead of Your Office Renovation

5 Packing Hacks to Use Now Ahead of Your Office Renovation

The big office move is fast approaching, and you want to ensure it goes as smooth as possible. A new office renovation can be plenty demanding, so you don’t need the logistical nightmare of packing to be on your mind on moving day itself. Here are a few tips to get it well sorted ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry.

 Work with your landlords

If you’re leasing the property you’re moving from or into, then make sure they’re ready for you and that you’re ready for their requirements. Checking that your move is in schedule with them is important, as some commercial building owners won’t allow a lot of furniture and boxes moving in during office hours. Furthermore, they may have some requirements for you, such as placing padded mats down during the move to protect the floors.

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 Invest in plenty of packing materials

You’re going to need boxes, you’re going to need tape, you’re going to need package padding, and you’re going to need blankets. Some of these you can get for free from local businesses or might have lying in the storeroom, but ensure you have it all ready before you actually start packing things up.

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 Manage cables and electronics separately

You shouldn’t simply throw your electronics into disparate boxes, if that wasn’t already clear enough. Ensure that all the different components and cables of one computer system or electronic setup is kept in the same box, or at least multiple boxes that are always kept beside one another. Ensure cables are looped and stored safely with cable ties, and that they’re kept in bags marked with a number that shows with electronics they go with. Make sure your monitors are kept safe in Styrofoam covers that prevent static and that they have enough padding to protect them from pressure on all sides.

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 Colour code it

All your boxes should be labelled, detailing not just where they’re going, but as precise an inventory of what’s inside as possible. This inventory should correspond with your own list, so you can check off your assets as they’re unpacked and make sure that nothing’s gone missing. You should also consider using coloured post-it notes on each box and piece of furniture. Each area of the new office can have its own colour, which means you can quickly identify which boxes and assets have to go where simply by glancing at the colour of the note on them.

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 It’s all about positioning

When it comes to actually moving boxes, furniture, and equipment from the office to the moving vehicles, you should have the heaviest and most cumbersome objects near the office door. This means that it’s a lot less work to get them out, whether it’s a safe, a huge desk, or something entirely different.

If you’re working with a professional mover or office renovation team, don’t forget to keep them involve in the plans. They may have the equipment or organisational expertise you need to handle much more of the move itself.

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